Friday, January 7, 2011

Steve Yegge and his essays

Steve Yegge

One of my resolutions this year is to write more of original posts than just posting some link. Seven days have passed and I have just written one. And in this post too, I am going to do the same. But, you are not going to be disappointed.

I stumbled on to this voluminous work of Steve Yegge. I have read two of his random posts and I am more than impressed. The two I have read are not really blog posts, but more of essays. They teach you something. They drive a point honestly. They motivate you. They keep you engaged. They are more of a conversation with you. And most of all, they provoke you to think.  I am very disappointed that I didn’t know about Steve Yegge and his work till now. Hopefully, by end of 2011 I will be a better programmer by reading all his blog entries.

Two essays : Practicing Programming and You should write blogs

A carpenter practices on different kinds of wood, with different kind of tools. So, does a musician, who  practices day in and day out. Both, these craftsmen want to constantly improve their craft. But, why do we programmers never practice? We learn a programming language/technology and never think that we need to keep sharpening our tools. Do some of us even considers us as craftsmen? Do we think that programming is a craft? This is a very long essay on the same topic – Practicing Programming.

In another of Steve’s essay – You should write blogs, he says,

Kurt Vonnegut Jr., one of my all-time favorite authors, says that to be successful in writing, you should pick one person and write just for that person. Forget for the moment that other people will be reading what you write, and just write as if you're talking to that one person. It seems like good advice to me.

I like to write. But, writing is something that doesn’t come naturally to me. And I intend to follow the above advice.

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