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Technical Skills

Python & SQL

With extensive experience in Python and SQL, Developed and deployed robust software solutions, performed data analysis, and managed databases efficiently. Built scalable applications, automated processes, and optimized performance of existing and new projects.

Web Development & API Development

Specializing in Django, Flask and Fast API for web development, created dynamic and secure web applications. Expertise in API development ensures seamless integration between different systems, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Machine Learning & NLP

Strong background in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs) to develop intelligent applications including chatbot development, data extraction, model optimization, and real-time data processing to deliver precise and insightful solutions.

AWS & Cloud Services

Proficient in AWS services such as Lex, Lambda, EC2, ECS, and server management. Capable in deploying and managing applications in the cloud efficiently. Knowledge of Terraform and Ansible ensures robust infrastructure as code practices for scalable and maintainable environments.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

With a strong foundation in data analysis, can provide data-driven decision-making support. Experience in visual tool development, risk assessment, business metrics integration, and business intelligence to help organizations make informed decisions.

Automation & IVR Development

Specialize in automation to improve operational efficiency and customer support. This includes Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development, automated testing, and document processing to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

Agile Methodologies & Performance Analysis

Adopting Agile methodologies to ensure iterative and incremental development for continuous improvement.

Computer Vision & Pattern Matching

Experience in computer vision and pattern matching, enabling the development of sophisticated applications for fault detection, efficiency improvement, and more.

Containerization & CI/CD

Proficient in Docker, Jenkins, and CI/CD practices to ensure smooth and efficient deployment pipelines. This includes containerization for consistent environments and continuous integration for rapid development cycles.

Business Skills

Requirements Elicitation and Documentation

Proficient in gathering and documenting business requirements through stakeholder interviews, workshops, and analysis of existing documentation. Able to translate business needs into technical specifications.

Data-driven Decision Making

Skilled in analyzing data to derive insights and support decision-making processes. Capable of using statistical tools and techniques to interpret data trends and patterns.

Process Optimization

Experienced in modeling current and future state processes. Implement process improvements to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.

Systems Integration

Proficient in assessing system capabilities and integrating new functionalities to meet business requirements. Experienced in coordinating with development teams for seamless system implementations.

Client Relationship Management

Demonstrated ability to engage with clients, understand their needs, and provide effective solutions. Skilled in managing client expectations and maintaining strong professional relationships.

Stakeholder Communication

Excellent communicator with a track record of presenting complex technical information to non-technical stakeholders. Able to tailor communication styles to various audiences.

Business Strategy Alignment

Deep understanding of business goals and strategies, aligning technical solutions to meet organizational objectives. Ability to contribute to strategic planning and decision-making processes.

Technical Documentation

Proficient in creating clear and concise documentation, including business requirements documents, user stories, and technical specifications. Skilled in report generation and progress tracking.

Pricing Strategy Development

Experienced in analyzing costs and pricing models to support business decisions. Capable of developing pricing strategies that align with market conditions and profitability goals.

Team Training and Development

Proven ability to train teams on standard practices and latest technologies. Skilled in conducting knowledge transfer sessions to empower internal and client teams in handling project tasks independently.

Agile Project Management

Experienced in Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban.

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